i apologize for the jorirble and frantic tuping im shaking this is the worst feeling this is uorirble oh myfucking god please get me out theresbugs under my skin theyre crawlingnunder my skin i cant getthme out i cant tet them out i feel numb gheyre makingholes in my chest and theyre in mywrist i can feel them on my ankles anf my legs and crawlign up my back theyre biting and swuirming unfer my skin theywant out i cantget them out theresso many i cant get them put it itches it itches i wantto cry i cant cry i cant cry i cant cry i cant cry i cant cry i cant cry i cant cry im going to cut all my hair offtheyr ein my hair too oh my god theyre inmu hair theyreunder my nails in my skin on my face theyrein my ears i can hear them skittering arounf please flet me go i cantcficking do this im goi mgto die im going to die im going to die icant so this i cant do this i cantdo this i cant do thid i cant do tjis i want to die i want to die it hurts it itches i want to rip my flesh open with my teeth i wantto bleed all over my bed i want to tear my skin apsrt i want to cut it open i want it gone i want all my flesh gone i want it gone i can barely breathe my chest is so heavy it feels like my lings are full ICAN FEEL THEM ON MY FUCKING LEGS THEY WONT GO AWAY THEY WONT GO AWAY THEY WONT STOP BITING NOW ITS ON MY ELBOW AND NOW MY ANKLE PLEASE IT WONT STOP IT WONT FUCKINGN STOP NOW MY STOMACH NOW MY THIGHS i want to fucking skin myself i want it all gone Thheyre on my nose please i want it gone pmeasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease mt knees my knees my knees my knees my scalp my fucking sclap now tmy ankles again its like a swarm its a swarm fuckfuckfyckfufkcyfkcyk