Thursday, July 22nd 2021

Time at the start of this entry: 3:24 PM EST

Hello! Today was my first time at the beach.. I think. I may have been to a beach before in the past but I can't quite remember. I had so much fun!

I went with the body's cousin. Oh! I should have mentioned.. I am in a body that I do not own! It's quite odd.. this body is teen aged.. but it's alright. We went to the beach, the sand was a pretty pale off white colour. I quite liked it. It was soft and it fell away at our feet so we could never get good footing. There were many seashells littered in the sand, primarily orange and white but there were some different coloured ones.

First, we swam in the ocean. We jumped over waves and swam under them. The water was incredibly salty! It stung my eyes and my nose. I swallowed a bit and it tasted absolutely vile! But overall it was very fun, I had a wonderful time.

After that, we got out of the ocean and started to walk down the beach. We made our way to a large.. wall (?) made of rocks. The rocks were huge, and they had a blueish gray colour. They had many things inside the crevices, mostly rubbish though. Our cousin kept climbing onto the rocks and retrieving trash. We found a pair of rusted sun glasses, an electronical cigarette, and a large styrofoam cup full of vodka. We took the glasses and the e-cig home with us because we found it amusing.

Finally, we made our way back to where the adults were and sat down on the shore. We began to build a little castle that was.. suspiciously shaped like a penis, but what can you do? It was being built by teenagers haha. The waves kept washing over our castle, so we moved further away. Then we began to build a sand sculpture of "Bingus". Bingus is a hairless cat with big big eyes! I find it quite funny. The ocean kept washing away our sculpture, so we moved away two more times until we had the perfect building spot. Afterwards, we packed our things and left.

In the car ride, my cousin and I had a.. slapping contest? I think. We sat and slapped each other's shoulders until they were red. Then we resorted to punching. Then flicking.. It was quite funny though. My arm is now red!

We made it home and I took a nice hot shower and rinsed all of the sand off of me. Now, I'm sitting here writing this all. Christ, this is a hell of a read. Or at least it is to me..

I believe we plan on watching a scary movie tonight! It's storming, so it'll be the perfect atmosphere.

That's all I have to say.

With love, Maryanne

Time at the end of this entry: 3:43 PM EST

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